A3 Settings For New Blog

Page updated 5/18/2012

Note: The images show the "old interface", but you want to do similar operations using the "new interface".

This page shows the recommended settings for configuring a blog to be as "neat" as possible. 

A. Open the 'Page Elements' Window

You can access the "Configure Blog Posts" window by selecting the "Template" tab (1), which usually defaults to the "Page Elements" tab (2), then click the "Edit" link (3) for 'Blog Posts'.

B. Open the 'Configure Blog Posts' Window

The next image shows the 'Configure Blog Posts' window.
  1. Set number of post on main page =1.
  2. Turn all other items "off" (uncheck them), except,
  3. Turn on the "show quick editing" option. This displays the "pencil" icon if you are logged in, allowing easy access to the "Edit " window.

C. Turn Off Comments

In the 'Comments' window (Settings --> Comments), turn off and hide the comments.

D. Turn Off Archiving

In the Archiving' window (Settings --> Archving), set the Archive Frequency to "No Archive".

E. Other

I recommend you remove the "Blog Archive". You can replace this with a much neater Links List (see previous page).

I also recommend you remove the "About Me", unless you're really going to put some information there.