A4 Saving Posts For 1st Time

When you create a new blog, I recommend creating about a dozen "posts".
Each "post" can be a separate page.

When you initially save the pages, you may want to use short initial "Titles" like  '01', '02', '03', and the last page '12' (or whatever is the last number). 

Why this suggestion: Blogger seems to name the page using the first title. So using '01', '02' etc gives you shorter names. You can re-Title the page later when you actually use it.

Note that the last (newest) page you create will be the "home" page, i.e. page 1. So if you create a dozen posts, the most recent one will be the home page, and you will have 11 other pages available.

You can use the "Post Options at the right side of the editing window, to adjust the date, if need be.

They can be "Saved as Draft" until you need them.

This page updated 5/20/2012 by James R. Ingram