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These 2008 Youtube *VIDEOS* Overview Our Method

* View the two above videos (recorded by Billtown Web in 2008) using a computer if possible, because the 2014 update 'annotations' do NOT show on mobile devices.
* Other videos, made by Blogger, and also about Weebly and Wordpress, are linked from the 'Videos' page.

Our Method

We claim that almost NOBODY sets you up with a cheaper, easy-to-maintain website for an individual, group, or small business.
  • Your total ongoing cost will be about $12-15 per year.  (Note that's $15 per YEAR, not per month.)
How We Do It:
  • Step 1: We register your domain name, in your name.  (The ongoing cost of $15/year is for the domain name.)
  • Step 2: We create the website on Blogger.  (The Blogger websites are free, courtesy of their owner, Google.)
  •    This includes creating a "distinctive top-of-page banner" for the top of your web page -- that includes photos/artwork from your business to make it UNIQUE for your site. (Notice how many other websites, even expensive, professionally-created ones,  look so indistinguishable from one another).
    • Step 3: Documentation:  We create a "documentation package" for the domain name registration.  We create a 2nd "documentation package" for the web page itself.  This documentation contains all the passwords and contact info that you need to manage the website.  
    •      Click here to view a domain name registration documentation example. 
    •      Click here to view a web page registration documentation example.
    • Step 4: We then train YOU how to edit it.   (Editing a blog page is fairly simple.  It's similar to editing a Gmail or Yahoo email, except when you're done you click the "Publish" button instead of the "Send" button.
    • Step 5: We then "hand off" the completed website to you (or your designated 'webmaster'). 
    •      After that time, you are responsible for (a) keeping the domain name renewed, and (b) editing the website.

    Our Portfolio

    This section updated 5/9/2017,
    Our First Wordpress Site
    1. StillRockinBand.com (Apache Junction, AZ, built June 2015) Hosted on Wordpress.com.
      View our new Wordpress .com site at WebHelper.us
      A. Customer Upgrade
    2. .ToyTrainExpo.org - I originally built this page in 2008.  Bruce Huffman (who has more talent with the aesthetics than I do) redesigned it in 2012
      B. Small Business  (most recent listed first)
    3. KimConCats.com  (Mesa, Az, built June 2014)
    4. SechristMasonry.com   (Williamsport Pa, built Dec 2012)
    5. OldPaintMill.blogspot.com    (Jersey Shore Pa, built July 2012)
    6. WileEdj.blogspot.com    (Apache Junction, Arizona, built Apr 2012)
    7. CutsUnlimited.net    (Williamsport Pa, built Aug 2011)
    8. CoganValleyMachine.com    (Williamsport Pa, built Sept 2010)
    9. AmishBuilders.blogspot.com    (Williamsport Pa, built Mar 2009)
    10. TandJTrainJunction.com expired    (Danville Pa, built Dec 2007) 
    11. CatawissaTrackCleaners.com expired    (Catawissa Pa, built Nov 2007)
    12. BobbyLines.com    (Sunbury Pa, built Nov 2007)
    13. KaraffaConstructionInc.com    (Williamsport Pa, built Sept 2007)

      B. Non-Profit Organizations
         (most recent listed first)
    14. SusquehannaSeniorTek.org    (Williamsport Pa, built June 2014)
    15. EmmensPreserve.blogspot.com  (Myrtle Beach North Carolina, built Oct 2012)
    16. HillviewBaptistChurch.org    (Williamsport Pa, built May 2012)
    17. MeridianManor.com    (Apache Junction, Arizona, built Feb 2012)
    18. MeridianManor.info     (Apache Junction, Arizona, built Jan 2013)
    19. HomewoodOaks.com    (Williamsport, Pa, built April 2011)
    20. Loyalsock1966.com    (Williamsport Pa, built Jan 2009)
    21. whs1954.com    (Williamsport Pa, built April 2010)
    22. MiltonMooseFamilyCenter.org    (Milton Pa, built March 2008)

      C. Dance Groups
         (most recent listed first)
    23. DesertMainstreamers.blogspot.com Square Dance  (Apache Junction, Arizona, built April 2014)
    24. DanceLiteracy.com  & ColoradoChaCha.com (Apache Junction, Arizona, built Dec 2013)
    25. Tobia Eaks Line Dancing  (Apache Junction, Arizona, built Mar 2013)
    26. WildBillCwDance.com    (Mesa, Arizona, built Mar 2012)
    27. PunxyPolkaClub.com    (Punxsutawney Pa, built April 2011)
    28. EastPennDance.com    (Emmaus Pa, built July 2010)
    29. GaryAndBonnie.com    (Muncy Pa, built Nov 2007)
    30. SosClubPa.com    (Williamsport Pa, built Sept 2007)
    31. WilliamsportBallroom.com    (Williamsport Pa, built June 2006

      D. Model Railroad Groups   (most recent listed first)

    32. Dragoon Scenic Mountain Railway  (Dragoon Az, built May 2012)
    33. TrainsByIsabelle.blogspot.com    (Mesa Az, built April 2012)
    34. PineSummitRR.com    (Muncy Pa, built Nov Mar 2010)   Note that we built this website on WEEBLY, not Blogger; the original Blogger site is at PineSummitRR.blogspot.com
    35. ToyTrainExpo.org    (Williamsport Pa, built July 2008)
    36. MiltonModelTrainMuseum.org    (Milton Pa, built Sept 2007)
    37. SusquehannaSgaugers.com    (Jersey Shore Pa, built May 2007)
    38. DelawareAndHudson.net    (Williamsport Pa, built April 2007)
    39. wnbrrhs.blogspot.com    (Muncy Pa, built Oct 2006)

      E. Currently Out-Of-Service Web Pages    (originally built by Billtown Web)
    40. SinglesMeetingSingles.net   (Bloomsburg Pa, built Dec 2012)
    41. CrossesnCraftDesigns.com    (Pittsburg, Missouri, built July 2012)  Moved to TwistedThistleCrafts.blogspot.com and redesigned by owner.
    42. OasisVerde.org    (Mesa, Arizona, built June 2012)  (website not accessible)
    43. NewHorizonsForSingles.com expired    (Lewisburg Pa, built Aug 2011)
    44. PineStreetDance.blogspot.com    (built Jan 2011)
    45. BallroomForBenefits.com expired    (built Dec 2010)
    46. WhistleStopTrainShow.com expired    (built Dec 2010)
    47. WheelchairEngineers.blogspot.com    (built Feb 2010, now on Webs at WheelchairEngineers.org)
    48. AndermanFlyer.blogspot.com    (built May 2009, now at AndermanFlyer.com)
    49. KidsAndTrains.blogspot.com    (built Feb 2008, now on Webs at WheelchairEngineers.org)
    50. SusquehannaSeniorNet.org expired    (Williamsport Pa, built June 2006) . . SeniorNetMac.org expired   (Williamsport Pa, built Dec 2010)  Replaced by SusquehannaSeniorTek.org site.

      IMPORTANT:  BilltownWeb registers the domain name in YOUR name, and provides YOU with the user-id and password to control it.  Thus if you find a DIFFERENT system in the future that better suits you needs for a web page, you can simply "redirect" your domain name to the new web page, at the new location

      Reference - More Blogger Websites, These are Maintained by Billtown Web
    51. PaDanceNet.com  ("umbrella" site for following 8 dance sites)
    52. AltoonaDance.com
    53. BilltownDance.com
    54. ErieDance.com
    55. HarrisburgDance.com
    56. LehighDance.com  
    57. NittanyDance.com  
    58. ScrantonDance.com (and NepaDance.com)  
    59. SinglesDances.net
    60. SeniorTek Mac,  was SeniorNetMac.org expired
    61. PhxDance.com 
    62. PhxRail.org

    Picasa Photo Albums Maintained by Billtown Web

    Model Railroad Albums
      Older Albums

      Reference Sites

      • billtowntest.wordpress.com - test Billtown Web site #1, built on Wordpress.com (note pulldown menu under the 'About' tab at top).