Our Method

We claim that almost NOBODY sets you up with a cheaper, easy-to-maintain website for an individual, group, or small business.
  • Your total ongoing cost will be about $12-15 per year.  (Note that's $15 per YEAR, not per month.)
How We Do It:
  • Step 1: We register your domain name, in your name.  (The ongoing cost of $15/year is for the domain name.)
  • Step 2: We create the website on Blogger.  (The Blogger websites are free, courtesy of their owner, Google.)
  •    This includes creating a "distinctive top-of-page banner" for the top of your web page -- that includes photos/artwork from your business to make it UNIQUE for your site. (Notice how many other websites, even expensive, professionally-created ones,  look so indistinguishable from one another).
    • Step 3: Documentation:  We create a "documentation package" for the domain name registration.  We create a 2nd "documentation package" for the web page itself.  This documentation contains all the passwords and contact info that you need to manage the website.  
    •      Click here to view a domain name registration documentation example. 
    •      Click here to view a web page registration documentation example.
    • Step 4: We then train YOU how to edit it.   (Editing a blog page is fairly simple.  It's similar to editing a Gmail or Yahoo email, except when you're done you click the "Publish" button instead of the "Send" button.
    • Step 5: We then "hand off" the completed website to you (or your designated 'webmaster'). 
    •      After that time, you are responsible for (a) keeping the domain name renewed, and (b) editing the website.