B2 Other places to build a free website

The Wall Street Journal article 3/3/2009 "How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing)" is a good overview article.  This article mentions Weebly, Yola, and Microsoft Small Office.  (Microsoft Small Office was discontinued early 2012.)

You can find tons more information by Googling the phrases "best free web pages" or "best inexpensive web pages" or a similar phrase.  You can also search for these topics on YouTube.

The website "Free Web Hosting" rates many hosts.  I cannot say how current or accurate this information is.

Some Free Website Hosts

There is more information about the 3 hosts that I am somewhat familiar with on their "Examples" pages:
  • Weebly  (see section 'B' below, 'Comparing Weebly to Blogger'
  • Yola
  • Blogger (Google)

Here are a few additional names obtained from performing Google searches.

   - Note some of these may put more blatant advertising banners on top of their pages.

   - Some of these may work with Windows-only (I personally use and recommend the Macintosh).

Limitations of Free Websites -- If you need to create a LARGE website, or a really ELEGANT website, you may conclude that these free sites are not what you want.

B. Comparing Weebly To Blogger

Note that Line 34 on the "Our Portfolios" section, links to the 'Pine Summit Railroad' website -- which is a built on WEEBLY, not Blogger.  Weebly is another well-known 'platform'
for building free web pages.  There are many other places to build a free site, but I think that Blogger and Weebly are among the best. 

Weebly is actually initially easier-to-use than Blogger.  But I personally prefer Blogger because Blogger allows me to build MORE sites for free, and I have greater control over colors and page-widths.  Blogger also allows for multiple owners -- with either full 'administrative' privileges, or just edit-their-one-page-only 'author' privileges.
    For more opinions about platforms, Google a phrase similar to "Compare Blogger.com to Weebly.com".